Monday, September 22, 2008

.:Some people don't care if they live or they die. They just wanna know what it feels like to fly.:.

Wednesday morning is approaching at a greater speed than I had planned for. Of course, I work 3:30 to close tonight and tomorrow, thus leaving me about 2 seconds to accomplish everything that needs to be done in preparation for my expedition. I do not have time to shower today, however, I have made time to eat breakfast and do some writing. One would think my priorities are a little off, but I don't mind. My whole world is off. I rather enjoy it that way.

I went for a drink (of water, actually) with my friends Jillian and Jourdan. It was her 27th birthday, and I'm glad I took a break. I was told many hilarious and stomach churning stories by her friend she saw at Little Woodrow's and invited him over to hang out with them. He was an interesting guy who has done some pretty unbelievable things. Apparently, Korean cat tastes amazing. Good to know. I'll add that one to the food blog for when I go to Korea.

Blackmail on South Congress is having a Little Black Dress competition. I have been telling everyone I'm entering since I found out about it, but I didn't officially start, apart from buying fabric (Let me tell you how glad I am that I didn't slack on that one!), until yesterday at about 6:30 pm. I stopped sewing around 4 this morning, but this was after cooking dinner for about an hour and having about 2 hours worth of social activity. I was starting to get extremely frustrated toward the end, basically because I was tired and didn't care as much. Honestly, though, even in it's almost finished state, I am so proud of myself! It looks so great, and I can't believe I even thought it up or made it myself. I copied the top part from a pattern, but I added everything else, so it feels 95% me. Even though I labored until my eyes went cross and my shoulders and neck are killing me today, it warms my heart. I don't care if I win (ok, that's not true)! I am, ultimately, excited about what I've done and what this shows me as a designer/seamstress/sewn product manufacturer. [Sewn product manufacturer: One who dreams it up and makes it. How nonglamorous does that sound?]

Today would be a great day for me to abandon my car with this feeling I have, but I have too much to do. Maybe I'll get to post again before I leave. We'll see.

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Sarah said...

I think we need pictures of this dress!