Tuesday, July 28, 2009

.:Irene, goodnight:.

My brother Reid, the one who is getting married in September, called me last night while I was out at a coffee shop with Gina and some others. He kept calling and texting, so I had to step out to talk to him. I'm very glad that I did. Within the first 5 minutes, I had a river leaping from my eyes.

He called because he wanted me to help him write a song for his wedding. Just the thought of it was enough to drive me to tears, but then he went on about how it's about how he misses her when she's gone so much that he sleeps on her pillow because it smells like her. I'm tearing up just writing about it. My brother doesn't express these kinds of things, and it doesn't matter that he had been drinking when he called (it probably took the edge off so he could call me and talk about it - he's just not that way), so it was touching to hear him say such sweet, real things about the woman he's about to spend the rest of his life with. I'm more than happy that he has this person because they deserve each other. They are so in love. It's so beautiful.

I talked to him for a little bit and semi-secretly bawled my eyes out while people kept passing by the door where I was standing. When I was hanging up, he said, "Well, call me tomorrow. I need you. Well, I always need you, but I feel like in this moment, I really need you." Cue the waterworks again! We've always been a close family, but Reid and I had a rough part for a few years. We got closer when he moved to Athens and I would occasionally come visit. We've been really close ever since, and it's been close to 8 years. He was my best friend for a while, even though I know it was difficult for him, but he was still there. Now he wants me to help him write a song for his wedding day and I'm losing it already. He said he needs me. I don't think anyone has ever said that to me before on the phone, where I could hear it and hear the emotion that goes along with it. It wasn't like he was crying, but the way he said it. . . I just want to be there for everything.

During my Junior year of college, I was going through the hardest time because things just weren't going my way (Nathan died that year, I lost some friends for a little bit, some past occurrences were resurfacing, etc.). I felt like my family was the only thing that was keeping me from coming completely unglued. I got a Christmas card from Reid that I've kept because it said that he knows things haven't been going my way the past few months, but that I should stay in there because I'm very much apart of our family and that I have everyone behind me. I never would have expected that from him, but he reveals that side of him when I least expect it and most need it.

Family: It blows my mind. It kindles my heart.

Friday, July 24, 2009

.:Double your pleasure, double your fun, forever on the dancefloor:.

I discovered this amazing video using Digg the other night and immediately posted it on my Facebook. You can view it here. I highly suggest that you do because that would explain everything I am about to say.

The ending makes me want to cry, and I know of several who have told me they have cried (including men), because it is the perfect depiction of how this kind of ceremony should be. If you look at her face and the way she moves, you know that she is the happiest girl in the world, and she couldn't be more excited to share her life with the very tall, handsome man who did a front roll down the aisle before she boogied her way down it herself. It was touching, and so much, at least to me, that I've watched it a few times a day to help remind me what to look forward to. That, and it did not appear to me that they spent gobs of money to have this occasion. That's quite refreshing as well!

There are 2 very close family members of mine who are getting married very soon: my brother Reid and my cousin Audrey. I am so excited for them! I get this giggly feeling sometimes when I think about how they have these wonderful people to share their lives with, and I cannot wait to be there for both of them. Audrey's betrothed insisted (repeat: INSISTED) that I sing in the wedding, and at this point it almost wouldn't matter if he was a bad guy, he's totally a keeper in my book! (Insert large grin here.) Interestingly, my dad helped Audrey plan a lot of her wedding, so I thought that was kind of cool. He knows a lot of stuff about this kind of thing as does my mom. We've been to a LOT and planned one of the biggest anyone in my family/hometown has ever seen, so they're kind of experts.

In all of this, though, I cannot help but wonder about my own. But why should I? I'm single - very, very single - and very much loving it at the moment. I'm 23, which I feel is definitely not the right age for me to marry. (I feel like I have just become an adult, so don't push me over the edge here.) I don't have stable employment. I have health issues. I have money on credit cards that I'm not sure will be paid off for a very long time. All of these factors add up for me, and although people get married all the time despite such entanglements, I think it's a healthy state of mind for me at this point. But why am I even thinking about it?

I think our culture is obsessed with weddings. My friends and I talk about this a lot, but I wonder if other people have noticed the nuptial sickness that somewhat defines our super American mindset so much that it is now an industry. An industry, really? It makes a lifetime commitment into a manufactured possession. Just name your price. Is that the way we really want it? When my parents got married in 1972, they had a cake and some nuts and some friends/family show up. That was it. They've always said, "And we're just as married!" And have been for over 37 years. Honestly, when I've seen some couples have this huge ordeal that costs more than a year's wage for average workers, I wonder if they will think back on that day and say, "And we're just as married!" or wonder where the magic went. I have seen some who haven't made it to their 5th anniversary. It makes me wonder what they were vested in in the first place.

So, why all the hype? Why does our culture insist on such a production for this one day? Our obsession lies in the wedding, so are we less concerned about the marriage? Maybe we should shift our focus and investment from this one day - nay, few hours - of our lives to the future of our relationships. May they be healthy and vibrant and alive! But more so, may they be humbled and grateful to simply have one another - forever.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

.:You can cry or die or just make pies all day. I'm making pies.:.

Living by myself has been interesting in many ways, but more so in a way that I know so much about myself that I had never paid attention to before. I guess I'm really figuring out more about my body and how I have this conversation happening internally I was never aware of. Of course, a lot of this revolves around food. If I eat something with a lot of sugar, my body tells me almost immediately and I don't feel very good. If I need exercise, it lets me know that, too. It's really interesting to me to discover these things about myself, and it's true to admit that I took these signals I kept misreading for granted, but now I want to know more.

Don't misread this - I know myself. I just want to continue learning even more about the things I already know, I guess. After all, I have said for years (yes, years) that I am the only person I am guaranteed to spend the rest of my life with. I might as well continue to allow herself to unfold, and the many other people in her head. :)

I have had this hope that I would get to a quiet place in my daily life. This quiet place is reserved for taking in the day - to be grateful, still, honest, open, and reflective. It's almost a meditation, but more or less just a time to sit or lie and be. I choose to accept whatever goings on happened in the day in this time. I choose to restructure anything that could have potentially damaged anything in my life, internally at least. I hope to continue these times throughout my days. They offer me balance and grace. These things I long for above most other things.

As far as coming into my adulthood, I feel that perhaps that has arrived. I had an opportunity to be an MC for an event on Friday, and I conquered my fear of making a complete idiot of those involved. I say that because I have a tendency to be a dumbass in 2 immediate situations: the presence of a "celebrity" (or someone I highly regard as such) and when a microphone is in my hand. I'm proud to say that I was actually just funny. I'll take it.

Growing pains feel really good right now, to be honest. Maybe one of these days, I'll be taken seriously. One can only dare to dream. . .

Monday, July 6, 2009

.:She's just a girl who thinks that I am the one:.

Airplanes take my breath away. They take me up, high above the trees, where people normally should not go. They're daring. Graceful. Inspirational, at least, to me. I treasure the moments I am allowed when one can hear nothing but the hum of the engine, the blowing of the air conditioning, and nothing else. It is in those moments when I am able to figure out some of my soul-gnawing contemplations. Here's a little bit of what I came up with on my flight back to my wonderful city.

I have this feeling that no one takes me seriously. Of course, to say "no one" would be a stretch, but it seems that the vast majority of those I encounter (i.e. family, more-than-acquaintances) fail to actually pay attention to what I am trying to say or do. Here, I'm not worrying about what they think. Don't let that be confused with what I am really after. I could care less what one thinks about me. I just realized that maybe I haven't given anyone a reason to take me seriously. I talk a big game. I have huge dreams that have yet to be accomplished, some haven't even gotten the first step. So, in turn, I suppose I have a few goals for myself in light of what I figured out.

Goal 1: Fashion show. Seems easy on the surface because you see them all the time, but for someone who has no job, it is going to take some craftiness and many long, hard hours of hard work. Every minute needs to count. August 28th is the date.

Goal 2: Learn Thai. I've said for 4 years I wanted to learn Thai. So, I'm going to do it. Rosetta Stone, here I come.

Goal 3: Write music, make album. I live in Austin, Texas, for crying out loud! Why am I not making use of my talent? No more procrastination. Time to do it, and do it right.

Goal 4: Be healthy. This is probably the hardest of all because everything else is somewhat tangible. I just need to be faithful and look toward the future, not at how I dread sweating (especially in the wonderful Texas heat), and here again, make every minute count. After the MJ party at Courtney's, I'm going to do a Master Cleanse for a few days to get everything out and start over. Plus, it's good to do that when you can.

Goal 5: Stop swearing. . . as much. Yes, my friends, the time has come. I drop f-bombs like no one has ever seen or heard. I enjoy it, even as twisted as that sounds. So, my language needs to grow up a bit so that I can, even though somewhat reluctantly, because I feel that it's necessary. There are 2 babies in my life who don't need to hear those words just yet. I want to preserve their sweet ears and hearts just a tiny bit, if I can. This will be difficult, but I'm willing to let it go.

I should probably have a timeline for these things, but I hope to accomplish 4 of 5 by my brother's wedding in September. I may post a few more goals in the meantime, but I'm hoping that those who may read this will hold me up to it. As my mom would say, "1-2-3-GO!"

My mom is soooo cute!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

.:Ready to go-o-o, Just say so-o-o:.

Wow. The past couple of months have been challenging, to say the least. I went through some very dark moments - weeks, even - but with the help of my friends, I am very proud to say that I feel back to normal.

There's not a whole lot to say other than the fact that my mind is almost completely absorbed with the fashion show I'm planning on putting together. Once I return from the beautiful mountains at Lake Lure in North Carolina, it will be steady working time for the next 2 months until this thing happens. I'm extremely excited, though somewhat anxious, but in a positive way. Moxie's untimely closure has, to my surprise, inspired me to take on what I believe I am meant to do with one of my talents. It is ruthlessly invigorating. I simply cannot wait to get back to work on everything.