Saturday, November 29, 2008

.:My, oh, my, you pretty thing, it's about that time for us to leave:.

About 1.5 hours ago, I walked to the grocery store. On my journey back, I went through a construction area behind my house. My neighborhood is slightly sketchy, and I was watching my back the whole time since it had just gotten dark. This poster struck me, though, and all of a sudden, I felt like the assailant.

The poster reads:

Artists & 'Hipsters' - How are you [something - I'll go look at it again later] to gentrify East Austin? What are you doing to fight it?

This is something I've asked myself since moving to the East side, and I guess I didn't expect to see something so blatant posted right behind my house. It makes me think about my life here even more. Maybe South Austin is the place for me, after all, because it's obvious that some people like the way things are. I cannot blame them for that.

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