Thursday, November 6, 2008

.:Oh Mary Jo, I'm so alone, yeah, and I never wanna feel this way again:.

I was browsing the "Men Looking for Women" section of Craigslist (I do this quite often), and I came across this very intriguing ad. Click here.

Yeah, so, I wasn't exactly sure what to think, so I followed their directions and came across their "Double Date Us" video collection. Here we go. . .

I emailed them. Here was the content of that message:

Double Date in Austin!

Hey guys -

My friend Lilia and I are totally up for a double date with you two. When are you getting to Austin? Let us know!

Rock on,

[SavannahRed] and Lilia
(I used my real name in the email)

They replied tonight! Here's what they said:

[SavannahRed] and Lilia,
We are DOWN. We'll be out there before January hopefully. Send over some pics or add us on facebook/myspace, and we'll party. Our names are David [Last Name Here] and Ethan [Last Name Here]. Be in touch!

It's on!

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The Lazy Editor said...

This is hilarious! I can't wait to see how your date goes, plus they're so cute!