Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.:You never get what you want, do you baby?:.

Before I post anything, I must announce that KGSR said Patty Griffin is recording a gospel album. I almost cried at the mere thought of how beautiful that will be. That woman single-handedly shakes my very soul.

To update the most previous post, I feel I must take back the comment where I said the chemistry overpowers the distance. Distance: 1. Chemistry: 0. Better luck next time, I suppose, but this one surely did throw me for a loop. I guess I need to work on not giving in after I feel it's right, but how is that supposed to work, exactly? Please supply any advice. My skills are obviously lacking in holding out in the heart department (but they're still running strong elsewhere). I am quite exhausted with being let down. Please, Austin. Please generate for me a suitable love interest. These boys just won't do. How about a man this time?

In more upbeat news, I've had an exhausting yet exciting day. I've been preparing Space12 for the East Austin Studio Tour (EAST) all day, and it looks really great. I spaced out the furniture and moved out a lot of unnecessary things that were in the community center. Hopefully, people will get a better feel for the art and be able to mingle a bit. There is one gathering set-up that I was having fun with, and I hope it works the way I intended it to. You'd have to see it to understand, but it's pretty exciting to see everything and everyone come together.

We've already set up the artwork for Ortega Elementary. Those kids are talented! It took me back to etching we would do when I was younger. Etching was my favorite, actually. The teacher is so sweet. I know she really cares about her kids.

I submitted the photos for my printing. It is going to be very expensive, but it will look really nice. I decided to go with a door theme from my Europe photos. I have some really great prints, and I'm excited to see them on the walls! When everything gets put up, I think I will cry. This has been such a great experience for me, and I am overwhelmed by how excited I am in anticipation for this upcoming weekend to be able to talk to people about art, Space12, the east side, etc. It's going to be wonderful, and it makes me a billion times more glad that I live where I live and do what I do.

I've had a few moments lately where I will be driving around or sitting somewhere and I stop and thank God for everything she's done for me. I couldn't ask for a better life, really. Everything in it is so good to me, especially my beautiful friends, near and far. My sweet, sweet Sarah has been so gracious to me throughout our friendship, but especially lately since my heart has been a little sore. I have so many kind people who want to see me happy in my life, and I hope that they know that I tell my "Indian woman" God that I love everyone she's given me.

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