Tuesday, October 14, 2008

.:Oh, darlin' I have never felt so strange, but maybe things are better off this way:.

.:The lights, the lights can tell us what to do/Your eyes are green, but sometimes they are blue:.

Yesterday was quite a day, and I must comment on it because it was so full and wonderful! It was exactly what I would have wanted for my first day off (of my 3 this week - not too shabby).

It started off by waking up much too early, but resting for a little while as I felt the house shake from the construction going on down the street. I've come to love that sensation in a strange, yet comforting way. So, I called Jason to wake him up (Jason = new date guy I met at Starbucks one day on my day off) since we talked until 4 the night before about all kinds of things. We definitely decided in that conversation that we would not work well as an item, which is fine, because like I said, I hope we remain friends. Well, he takes his sweet ass time to get ready and get over to Austin (he lives about 30 min. away), so I clean up my house just in case he comes over later, get ready (and I look fabulously cute, by the way), and walk to Hot Mama's Espresso Bar for their Iced Sticky Bun Latte. (Diabetes who?) Jason called me while I was talking to the precious barista Brandon, and because he was so mesmerized by my phone, I let him answer it. Jason got to Hot Mama's, we drank our lattes, and headed out.

We had talked about getting sushi for a little while the night before, so he wanted to introduce me to the best sushi place (and best sushi chef, Cindy) in all of Austin/Texas/anywhere but California, according to him, called Tokyo. He was pretty much correct: Cindy gives some incredible sushi lovin'. I tried everything he ordered, but wasn't a fan of the slimy concoction made of rotten soybeans and squid. Yeah, not my favorite, but definitely something to try. The conch was probably my favorite, but I loved the salmon (the best I've had yet) and the crispy eel. We had sea bass sashimi, too, but I wasn't feeling that. I should have gotten some escolar, but I was extremely full. After he paid the bill ($100 including tip. . . yikes), we walked across the parking lot to an Indian restaurant and got dessert. It was pretty incredible, too. Apparently, I need to eat in the Bee Cave area more often. Who knew?

We headed to South Congress for some shoppin', and I wanted to check on my dress at Blackmail. My dress is the first one on the left in the window!!!!! I was freaking out! It's a dream come true, I must say, to be featured in the window of a local store. It was super exciting, and Jason was proud of me. He was so proud that he bought this amazing leather biker jacket from the store. It turns me on, I'm not even gonna lie, so I told him he couldn't wear it around me, but he did. Evil, evil man. Anyway, Jill stopped by to look at my work and she was proud of me, too. She had to go, though. Go see my dress!!!!! Ask your rich friends to buy it! (Hah. Hah. . . hah.)

We did some more vintage stores in search of sunglasses since I had broken my other ones in Barcelona. I broke them the one day I was hung over. How do I have such great timing? Jason wanted a haircut, so we rode to see Heather at Salon Sovay, but she wasn't there. As he was backing up, he hit a car in the parking lot with his huge, rusty van, but no harm was done. Fun times. He did talk to the person whose car he hit, though. He's a responsible man.

So, we went back to my house and played music! It was awesome. He's a guitar player, so he was hella good. I played "Leaving on a Jetplane," like I do, and he harmonized with me. It was awesome! We did some more songs and then went to Torchy's. Yummmmy, yummmmy goodness. He had to run, so I told him I would catch the bus back or walk to my friend's house. He wouldn't leave me until I assured him I would be fine, and I insisted. It was my No Car Day yesterday, so I was alright.

I left Torchy's and decided to walk to Dan and Becca's house which is one street over. I'm about 5 houses away when I call Becca.

Becca: Hello?
Me: Hi, Becca! What are you doing?
Becca: I'm just looking some stuff on the computer. . .
Me: So, you're at your house?
Becca: Yeah.
Me: Cool. Well, I'm walking there right now. I'm about 5 houses away.
Me: Heck yeah! So, I'm gonna hang out with you if that's cool.
Becca: Yeah! I'll see you when you get here.

It was kind of funny. While we were at her house for about 15 minutes, I met her gorgeous neighbor who bears resemblance to Liv Tyler, talked to her about my date that day, and watched these teenagers walk down the street with a gun, which we hoped was a bb gun. We were a little worried about it, but nothing happened, so we just hoped it was what we hoped it was and not a real gun. So, Becca and I go to Starbucks so I can get her my markout as I had promised her weeks ago. I got my tips, and they were actually pretty good this week. I was talking about my dress being in the window of Blackmail, and Becca wanted to see it, so we drove on up. She was so proud of me! We were going to get Bubble Tea, but decided to get a coffee/Americano (me/her) at Jo's on South Congress, and I flirted with this beautiful barista with long, flowing, beautiful golden locks. We took our beverages further a little more on South Congress to the patio at Mars where a band was playing. We sat outside the patio in front of a toy store, and a few moments later, we went inside.

KidGenius is such a cool store! The store guy was super cute, and Becca said he was into me. I didn't pick up on that so much, but I did think it was interesting when he said, "Yeah, we would go well together," after I told him I was also a musician/photographer, and that he could be my friend. There was an exchange of numbers, but I don't think anything will happen. Becca was all excited and hopeful for me, but I just didn't get the "he was interested" vibe. Then again, I usually don't. We'll see.

So, we go sit outside Mars again to listen to the band and Becca got a text from Heather's husband Thomas saying they would be at Barfly's on Airport. I convinced Becca to take us since she wasn't feeling it so much, but she was glad she went. Barfly's is definitely a dive, but it was fun to talk to Heather and Thomas before John and Michelle Mao showed up. We got on the subject of popcorn, and apparently, both Thomas and John are passionate about their ultimate love for popcorn. It was a hilarious conversation, to say the least. Finally, someone says, "Hey, let's go eat some popcorn!" We went to John and Michelle's house, made some awesome popcorn (I made my popcorn peanut butter sauce for everyone, but they only had a little bit), drank some beer, and sat around outside talking.

What a day.


Sarah said...

I really miss being the friend you can come do random stuff with after a date. But I'm glad you had a wonderful day off!

The Lazy Editor said...

So yesterday, when we were doing boring, everyday things like go to Office Depot and Hobby Lobby, you didn't really tell me about any of this stuff.