Thursday, October 9, 2008

.:Whole lot of hard times, whole little bit of magic:.

Europe was pretty incredible. I'm still attempting to take it all in. Rob kept commenting on the fact that I wanted to absorb every single thing, and I did. I did my best to memorize the city streets as I was walking to the final train station to the airport. There were potted plants outside a restaurant by a tram stop that I wanted to remember forever. They were like little bonzais in long, white, rectangular ceramic boxes, and some of the green from the plants had run off the side with water, so it stained their encasings perfectly. I was unable to pull out my camera during our rush, but I hope my mind took a lasting photographic reference.

I wrote so much in my journal that I'm not even sure I have the words anymore. Each place I visited had its individual charm. I thought of all of my friends while I was there, and I wished each of you could have been there. I experienced so much, and now I'm back, experiencing even more.

My heart is still broken, so Europe didn't cure that, but perhaps, it made me understand it a little more.

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